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Clarion Workshop 2014 Pinup Calendar

In my experience, collaborations are always experiments in creativity. A few months ago, the folks at Clarion asked me to participate in engage in a collaboration that I thought was extremely interesting. They asked if I would work with pinup (and SF cover) artist Lee Moyer to create an image for Clarion’s Literary Pin-up Calendar. […]

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Experiment #2: Celebrate your darlings

William Faulkner is reputed to have said, “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” If you harbor an unreasonable affection for a particular bit of writing, you should delete it.  You have lost all objectivity and the bit you love is doing the overall story no good. That’s the theory. There are times when […]

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Experiment #1: Write a pirate haiku…

…That is:  write a haiku about, by, or for pirates. Then feel free to post your haiku in the comments.  If you don’t feel like posting a haiku, you are also welcome to share some useful phrases to help others. (You scurvy bilge rat! Avast, me hearties! Keelhaul that.) If you need inspiration, consider visiting International Talk […]

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Creativity Experiments for you and me

Welcome to my space for play, creativity, and experimentation. For me, these three pastimes are connected — you can’t have one without the others. Every week or so, l’ll suggest a playful and creative experiment that I like and invite you to give it a try. Post your results or let me know what you […]

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