Ivory Apples

Lisa Goldstein is writing some of the most exciting fantasy out there. Ivory Apples is terrific.

Jo Walton
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Weighing Shadows

Weighing Shadows shimmers with intelligence and intrigue. It is that rare phenomenon: a science-fiction novel that faces squarely the hard trade-offs between compassion and self-preservation. This is story-telling at its best.

Nancy Kress
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The Uncertain Places

Goldstein's complex and ingenious plot transplants the forest realm of European folktale, which witches grant wishes with strings attached and you'd better be careful which frog you kiss, into the sun-drenched hills of Northern California in the 1970s — and beyond.

Ursula K. Le Guin
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The Divided Crown

The Divided Crown is filled with action, magic, intrigue, and factions that come together and break apart in surprising ways... convincing, human, and even wrenching.

Locus Magazine
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Daughter of Exile

An ingeniously plotted, tellingly detailed, and pleasingly peopled fantasy.

Kirkus Reviews
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The Alchemist's Door

What an intriguing read this is! It is a substantial tale of angels and demons, fantasy and horror, set within a richly depicted historical milieu and fraught with an aura of foreboding that draws one in from the very first page.

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Dark Cities Underground

Reveals and explores the connections among the worlds of Narnia and Never-Never Land, the Wind in the Willows and Wonderland, myth and legend… This fine modern fantasy is also about archetypes, childhood, growing up, loyalty, immortality, death, and love.

Cynthia Ward
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Walking The Labyrinth

This marvelous and (in the old sense of the word) fabulous book combines the best qualities of narrative, epistolary, and personal journal novels…Walking The Labyrinth is full of enchantments and illusions, wonders and delights and the mysterious connection of family.

Fantasy & Science Fiction
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Travellers In Magic

The stories are richly imaginative, and quite diverse, wandering in and out of history, fantasy, and shifting in an instant from the real world to the magically real.

Patricia McKillip
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Summer King, Winter Fool

Builds a magic intricate spell of wonder for the reader who will allow herself to be challenged and her imagination to be stretched.

SF Age
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Strange Devices Of The Sun And Moon

That rare and marvelous beast, a fantasy grounded in humanity. Lisa Goldstein mixes history, faerie, literature and love to engrave a tale both intelligent and fine…It is, from first to last, a delight.

Neil Gaiman
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Author's Choice Monthly: Daily Voices

A sadly out-of-print collection…but all of the stories contained in this book can be found in Travellers In Magic.


[Goldstein] has given us the kind of magic and adventure that once upon a time made us look for secret panels in the walls of our wardrobes, or brush our teeth with a book held in front of our eyes, because we couldn't bear to put it down.

The New Yorker
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A Mask For The General

Lisa Goldstein's poetic but precise imagery produces some of the most sublime work in science fiction.

Houston Post
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The Dream Years

The complex narrative succeeds on two levels — it teases the fancy while it engages the intellect. Makes one eager to read more of Lisa Goldstein's meditations on life and art.

New York Times Book Review
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The Red Magician

A beautifully told, richly textured fantasy.

Publishers Weekly
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