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In the first pages of Lisa Goldstein’s wonderful new book, a potent but troublesome ‘sprite’ has taken up dwelling in the feisty main character, Ivy. That sprite is in Lisa Goldstein as well, and the two of them have created a fine, swift, effervescent fantasy of the kind that’s for young folks but that adults too will read, from now on.

John Crowley, author of Ka and Little Big

Lisa Goldstein is writing some of the most exciting fantasy out there. Ivory Apples is terrific.

Jo Walton, author of Among Others and Lent

A powerful fairy tale set without compromise in the modern world—the characters are convincingly real, and the magic is genuinely enchanting and perilous.

Tim Powers, author of Alternate Routes and Down And Out In Purgatory

Ivory Apples is like a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls: stories within stories within stories within stories that keeps you reading all the way to the bottom. I finished in eight hours and now want to read it again. What a charming book in all senses of the word.

Jane Yolen, author of the World Fantasy Award for EMERALD CIRCUS , and Anne Izard Storyeller's Award for HOW TO FRACTURE A FAIRY TALE

So many contemporary fantasists have learned from Lisa Goldstein’s weird, wise, humane and graceful example; her books comprise the best sort of magic school. Now, in Ivory Apples, she leads us deep into a wondrous grove that only she could scry. Goldstein is a true enchanter.

Andy Duncan, Author of An Agent of Utopia

A contemporary fantasy that is wholly original. I want to read it again and again.

Ellen Klages, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Passing Strange

Lisa Goldstein’s work invariably surprises and inspires me. Ivory Apples is no exception. A vivid tale of magic and its consequences, filled with beauty and terror. Would you like a muse of your own? Really? Be careful what you wish for.

Pat Murphy, author of The Wild Girls

News (ish)

The Uncertain Places won the Mythopoeic Award for Best Short-Form Alternate History.

"Paradise Is a Walled Garden" won the Sidewise Award for Best Short-Form Alternate History.