Bad Grrlz and Bad Hair

Though we don't like to admit it, every Bad Grrl has a bad hair day every now and then.

Of course, Bad Grrlz know that the right attitude goes a long way. I'm sure you've looked at those magazines at the beauty salon; I'm sure you've seen those models who look like they cut their hair with their nail scissors then slept on it funny. High fashion models can take a bad case of bed head and turn it into a Fashion Statement. On a good day, maybe you can do the same.

But sometimes, even the Baddest Bad Grrl can't convince herself that ridiculously unkempt is actually fashionably tousled. On those days, a knowledge of science can be a Bad Grrlz' best friend.


  Sorry, I'm Washing My Hair….

  Split ends--What You Don't Want to Know

  The Awful Truth about Conditioner

 Enough to Curl Your Hair

 Do Blondes Have More Fun?



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